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Monday, January 9, 2017

BBQ Bacon Wrapped Turkey Tenderloins and Cauliflower Rice Pilaf

Words cannot express how much I loved our dinner tonight! Well, I'll try...

BBQ Bacon-wrapped Turkey Tenderloins:

Jennie-O Turkey Tenderloins (2 in a package)
Sea Salt & Black Pepper
6 Slices of Bacon
1/2 cup smokey bacon BBQ Sauce

So easy! I cut the tenderloins into 6 equal pieces. S&P. Wrapped each one with bacon. Cooked in a 400 ° oven on parchment paper for about 30 minutes. Brushed on some BBQ sauce (I didn't even use the whole 1/2 cup, your choice). I used a meat thermometer to make sure we hit 170 °.

Cauliflower Rice Pilaf: 

Believe it or not, Joe actually ate some of this! Of course, you can see his tater tots peaking out in the picture above as well. 

Riced fresh cauliflower! Yeah! No more having to run to Trader Joe's. This is much more convenient for me. 

Diced red onion, garlic, kale and red pepper. Butternut squash and mushrooms. mmmmmmm.....

And lots of other goodies!

Click here for the recipe: http://www.prouditaliancook.com/2017/01/cauliflower-rice-pilaf.html


Unknown said...

My mom, the wonderful woman behind Spatula on Fire, gave me a few tenderloins from this meal to take home and I must say they were absolutely delish!! This will definitely be on the menu for dinner in the future!

Spatula On Fire said...

Thank you darling! Faux Fried Chicken on the menu tonight :)

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