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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Roast Beef Recipe

My mother insists on rump roast. It's hard to find in the stores sometimes and I've found that cooking it in the slow cooker, it really doesn't matter what cut it is.

First I make a lot of slits in the beef and stuff in peeled, whole cloves of garlic. The more the better. Salt and pepper well. I use a cast iron skillet to brown the beef on all sides. 

Place it in the slow cooker and insert a meat thermometer. You want the beef to hit 140℉. 

Remove it and tent some foil over it and let it cool down. 

Slice it as thin as you can or use a meat slicer. 

Yes, I have a meat slicer. This is the one I have. It evens drives to North Carolina with us for vacation! It's relatively inexpensive. You could even cook a whole turkey breast and slice it down instead of buying cold cuts at the deli that has all those preservatives in it.

Meat Slicer 
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