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Monday, January 2, 2017

What's for dinner? Jan 2, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! First of all, please excuse the blog layout. It's a work in progress!

All the fun and games are over and it's back to taking my health seriously. This means menu planning for me.

Menu planning keeps me on track, takes the guesswork out of what we are having for dinner and frees me up for other things. Like chatting with you!

Every week, I take my local grocery flyer and see what's on sale. Then I make two lists; one spells out What's for Dinner, the other is my shopping list.

I post the What's for Dinner list on my fridge. I can easily see if I need to take something out to defrost for the next day. There are no last minute "oh no, I forgot to take something out" conversations going on. I know exactly what needs to be done.

So here is what I came up with for this week. I'm keeping it simple and fresh. Protein and veggies ARE your friend! I keep the carbs out for the most part unless I'm cooking for my husband. He does not need to watch his weight. Men. UGH.

Monday - Chicken over salad. Can't much simpler than that right? Since it's just the two of us, I kinda cheat at the salad thing. I buy a bag of lettuce and hit the salad bar for fixings. Just enough for us with some leftovers so I can have another salad or two for lunches during the week. For the chicken, you can go as simple as salt & pepper or whatever dried herbs you have and throw them in a grill pan / skillet. Tonight I think I will dice up the chicken and marinate with some honey, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, chili powder and garlic. This combo will give the chicken great flavor and I won't feel the need to use dressing. But by all means, use dressing if you want. Joe will be dousing his in creamy italian (shudder).

Tuesday - Fish with veggies. Salmon is my go to fish. I like to buy it fresh the day I'm making it or for the next day. Joe likes tilapia. Simple seasoning and baked it the oven along side with some steamed broccoli. Perfecto!

Wednesday - Turkey tenderloins with zucchini. Jennie O turkey tenderloins are on sale this week. It's a no-brainer.  Just follow the instructions on the package! Zucchini is SO versatile. I'll decide that day what I will do with it. You can stir fry it. You can roast it. I like to use my spiralizer and make it look like pasta. Toss in a skillet with a bit of EVOO, some S&P and violi! in a few minutes you have a lovely dish of zucchini pasta. Without the carbs!!

Thursday - Steak with asparagus. I have a nice steak in the freezer that I will cook and split between Joe and I. Roast some asparagus seasoned with S&P and that's it. Very simple. Very quick.

Friday - Chicken sausage stir fry. If you haven't tried chicken sausage yet, please do so! My husband can be picky about certain foods and even he says you can't tell the difference! I will just slice up the sausage and throw it in a skillet with mushrooms and grape tomatoes. If I have any other veggies leftover, I'll throw them in the pool as well! Season with whatever you like. A splash of lite soy sauce or even just chicken broth and that is all!

I hope this post gave you some ideas or spurred you on to make a menu plan for the week!

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