Saturday, January 7, 2017

What's for Dinner? Jan 9, 2017

Here is what's on the menu for dinner this week! I've looked through the circular, made up my shopping list and wrote out my menu which is now posted on the fridge.

Sunday - Turkey Tenderloins with cauliflower rice pilaf

Monday - Slow cooker stuffed pork chops with a veggie or leftover rice pilaf

Tuesday - Shrimp with Parmesan zoodles

Wednesday - Baked hummus chicken with a veggie

Thursday - Chicken burgers with veggie. I bought some Fiber One english muffins to have the burgers on. 

Sometimes I just need to browse the veggie section before I can decide on what to buy/cook. I also love those Steamfresh veggie bags. There are a bunch in my freezer.

I'm really looking forward to the cauliflower rice pilaf!!! Not sure my husband is but I always have carbs in the freezer for him; hash browns, fries, periogies, etc. I know what he will and won't eat. I will post the recipe after I make!

I hope this post gave you some ideas or spurred you on to make a menu plan for the week!

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