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Monday, March 27, 2017

Deal of the Day Amazon Products Under $20

I wanted to share some awesome deals with you today. These are standard kitchen tools in my own kitchen that I cannot live without.

There are also some Lightning Deals at great discounted prices!

Measuring Spoons - $8.97 - Click Here
These are steel because my garbage disposal ate my plastic ones!

2 Collapsible Silicone Colander/Strainer - $7.99 - Click Here
Great storage!

Garlic Press - $14.29 - Click Here
Why chop when you can mince in two seconds?

Instant Read Cooking Thermometer - $9.99 - Click Here
Perfect to make sure no one gets sick from your cooking!

Kitchen Tongs - $11.09 - Click Here
A must have in my kitchen for a multitude of sins.

Chef's Knife - $12.57 - Click Here
Get yourself some good knives and a knife sharpener!

Knife Sharpener - $5.99 - Click Here

Hand Blender - $14.44 - Click Here
Making soup? Blend easily and make it smooth!

Deviled Egg Trays with Snap On Lids, Set of 2 - $7.81 - Click Here
I had to buy these for myself!

Magnetic Knife Holder - $19.19 - Click Here
Limited on counter space? This makes perfect sense. I love mine!

Slow Cooker, 1.5-Quart - $15.03 - Click Here  Great for appetizers, dips or dinner for two!
Um, I had to buy this for myself as well! Can never have too many at different sizes.

6-Piece Bakeware Set - $15.64 - Click Here
Old bakeware that needs to be replaced? This is a great deal!

Digital Kitchen Food Scale - $12.99 - Click Here
Need to measure and weigh your food? Well, here ya go!

Hope you enjoy this list!


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