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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It's Grilling Time! Memorial Day 2017

I'm so ready to start grilling up some easy, healthy meals! With Memorial Day weekend coming up, I've got a pile of recipes and ideas. It's so hard to choose what to make!

My husband doesn't even know where the grill is. LOL Just joking. But, seriously? He cannot grill to save his life. He just doesn't have the patience for tending to the grill, and he gets distracted very easily. So, it's all on me :)

This recipe comes from The Pioneer Woman. Spice-rubbed Grilled Chicken that just makes my mouth water looking at it. Serve by itself or tucked into a roll, mmmmmm.

Low carb, delicious grilled chicken from Emily Bite's! The combination of the warm chicken, the creamy feta, the crisp cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, salty olives and the perfectly seasoned dressing will make your taste buds really happy!

Burgers are my life. They do not need eggs or breadcrumbs, that's a meatloaf. If you want to have a meatloaf on a bun, go right ahead or you can follow Bobby Flay's recipe for the perfect burger.

And I cannot be more serious when I tell you Never flatten the burgers with the back of your spatula!!

Emma Christensen from theKitchen.com has some great tips on how to get juicy burgers every time.

She uses a method that I've never seen before to reduce the amount of "handling" the meat. Which is important. Don't overwork your meat, it will be tough.

Let's talk about grilling corn. There are many methods but I think What's Cooking In America has the best options. I personally do Corn Grilled In Aluminum Foil.

And there are so many flavor profiles you can do...Honey-Chipolte Butter, Lemon Chive Butter, Lemon Curry Spice Butter, the list goes on. You can check out all different types at the link below.

Corn Flavor Profiles

Jump on over to Serious Eats for a huge collection of Grilled Vegetables sides! I've bookmarked a few of these myself. The list is growing...

Serious Eats Grilled Veggies

If you are looking for a great salad that is Whole30, Dairy Free, Egg-Free and Gluten-Free, look no further than my favorite, Skinnytaste.com!

Grilled Shrimp Salad

I hope I've given you a few ideas and some great websites to peruse for the upcoming weekend of grilling!


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