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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Day 3 - No Oven! Let's Talk Burgers!

I know we are all trying to watch what we eat and slash calories where we can. But, please, be kind to your burger. Make it a turkey burger instead of ground meat but there are certain things I cannot do without.

First of all, please don't put egg and breadcrumbs in your burger. That's a meatloaf! It's so not necessary.

A burger should be all about the meat.

I took a pound of ground turkey and mix it with some salt, pepper, fiesta seasoning and mayo. Yes, mayo. If you like eating dry burgers, then by all means, leave the mayo out.

If you like to eat juicy burgers, give that mayo bottle a gentle squeeze!!

I also cannot go without cheese. I'm not into that vegan stuff either. Just give me a nice slice of cheese. It doesn't matter what kind, whatever floats your boat!

The next thing is a sauce. I mixed a little mayo with some sriracha sauce. Oh my heavens!! Drip down your hand sauce with just a hint of heat!

The very last thing is grilling the bread. Spread a little butter on that roll and grill it up before plopping that juicy burger on it topped with melty cheese and a delicious sauce!

I used my panini press, opened, to grill these up.

Please...enjoy your burger. You can have just a salad for lunch tomorrow!


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