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Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Dad...

Today, May 25 2017, marks the second anniversary of our Dad's passing.

I truly hope, in my heart, that wherever he is, he's still keeping up with all the laughs, love and drama in our family! There is plenty of  that to go around.

He used to sit there and just shake his head back and forth when things were crazy. I can still see him doing that with his arms crossed over his chest. It makes me chuckle.

My dad was a funny man. He loved to joke around and tell you something that was TOTALLY not true just to see if you would fall for it. We often did. Sometimes he just cracked himself up and would laugh so hard that he had to catch his breath.

Dad truly loved being with his family. Our vacations from early childhood to adulthood were better because of him. He would sit on that beach all day and we would have to drag him in for dinner.

This is dad in the kayak. It's as far as he could go in that thing but he loved watching everyone else try it!

He was also a very, um, passionate, vocal, person about certain subjects. Whether he knew what he was talking about or not!

He loved vodka, steak, mussels, vodka, boiled hot dogs and later in life we got him to eat sushi and oysters! And, please, let's not forgot the vodka!

Young Frankenstein was one of his favorite movies. All in the Family, a favorite show. Later, when he was sick, he would watch documentaries about Hilter. I never understood how he could watch those awful recreations of a very dark time in our history. Maybe he, himself, was feeling very dark inside?

I don't really remember him complaining when he worked in the sweltering heat of his dry cleaning business, 7 days a week. I do remember him screaming in the middle of the night with cramps in his legs from standing on concrete for hours on end pressing clothes. Dad worked his butt off for us and I only came to appreciate that as an adult. I'm sure my parents did without a lot to provide for us.

I miss him every day. Every.Single.Day

I have his cologne to remind me of his smell when I hugged him, and pictures to remind me of special times. It does comforts me that he is no longer in pain but it also makes me sad that he is going to miss out on great-grandchildren, weddings and the drinking in the hot tub with all of us.

Dad loved having everyone to our family home for holidays. All of us around him, laughing, fighting, being loud, very loud, and he would just take it all in. I can still feel how very proud he was of all of us.

So, to you dad, I'm truly grateful that we had you in our lives as long as we did.

If love alone could have saved you, you would have never died.

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Unknown said...

Your Dad was a lovely fella and I am so grateful for the 2 summers I was able to spend time with you, your awesome Dad and the rest of your lovely family!
This is absolutely one of the most beautiful tributes ever written.
Without Vodka 😉
Love you my beautiful friend.

Anonymous said...

Your dad sounds like a very very special man. He loved you and your family with all his heart (and his vodka). LOL!

Hold the memories dear to your heart. I know what a loss he is especially since I just lost my dad. Hold onto your mom as long as you can! The void of having no parents is almost unbearable.

Love you!

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