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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Cobb Salad - Our Way

Happy Father's Day!

My mom and I visited my dad at Washington Crossing National Cemetery today. Then we did lunch.

Then I ended up at Urgent Care.

I've been sick for 7 weeks now and I couldn't get rid of this darn cough! My chest x-ray was clear and the Dr. really didn't understand why I was still sick. So now I'm loaded up on steroids, antibiotics and an inhaler. One of those will knock it out of me!

Cause I really need to get back to the gym!!! LOL

So I'm glad that I had mostly everything ready to go for our Cobb Salad tonight. I just had to cook the bacon and dice up a few things.

It was heavenly and I'm glad there is enough leftover for lunch tomorrow.

From left to right:

Grilled chicken
Cherry tomatoes
Extra sharp cheese
MORE bacon
Hard boiled eggs
MORE bacon

Joe and I sat down the other night and I told him what was normally in a Cobb Salad and the list above is what we agreed upon.

It's always nice to agree on something, right?

It's also usually served with a blue cheese dressing but my husband only likes creamy Italian. Put whatever dressing on it that you like. Don't play by the rules!

Enjoy! And let me know what's in your salad.

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