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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Lunch with my kids...

What a fun day we had! And such a treat to have lunch in the city with my daughter and her boyfriend. Hubby wasn't feeling well but I did bring him home a Stogie Joe's Italian Stromboli. 

My husband and I have been going to Stogie Joe's on Passyunk Ave for many years. (1801 E Passyunk).

It's such a quaint little place with a garage door that they open to the street. It was a gorgeous day too, sitting there watching the people go by with a nice breeze coming in! Nice beer menu as well. 

Not a huge menu but what they do have is awesome! Today, the kids went with roast beef and chicken sandwiches. This was their first time and, they agreed, the pizza and stromboli was the best. It's definitely not like the stromboli we get in the 'burbs. They ordered a spinach and cheese for an appetizer. There is something about their crust that is just so good!!

I love their pizza and most of this came home. White pizza with mushrooms. Simple and perfect. Square with a thin crust. Boy, I wish they delivered!

All in all, it was great spending time with them and catching up. Thank you, Erin and Rory for quite a lovely day!!

We did get photo bombed by the guy behind us though! LOL

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