Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hard Boiled Eggs in the Instapot!

Did you get an Instapot for Christmas? 

Maybe the pressure cooker intimidates you?

Start out with these very easy hard boiled eggs!

Put 1 cup of cold water in the pressure cooker and add the trivet.

Add 6 to 8 eggs and put lid on. Make sure the dial on lid is pointed to sealing.

Hit manual, then the - (minus) sign to bring the time down to 8 minutes.

It will automatically starts after a few seconds, come up to pressure, then it will count down the 8 minutes.

When it beeps done, move the dial on the lid to quick release, take off the lid and scoop out the eggs to a bowl of cold water. Give it 5 minutes and then peel. 

That's it. So simple. Plus eggs are zero points now on the Weight Watchers Free Style program! WHOHOO!!!


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