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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Grocery Store Finds!

When I was in the grocery store (Giant) last week, I'm using my app scanner, snapping away, here there and everywhere. People must think I'm crazy! But I discovered these awesome food finds that I wanted to share with you all. 

Jones Diary Farm Canadian Bacon: 3 slices for 1 pt

Crisp up a few of these with a fried egg on a thin bagel and you've got yourself a great meal! 

Applegate Turkey Bacon: 3 slices for 1 pt

Wow, I'm making deconstructed BLT's this week and this fits perfectly for my meal! 

Oscar Meyer Center Cut Bacon: 2 slices for 2 pts

If you prefer the real deal in the bacon world, here is a great find. Center cut bacon is usually less fatty so it's less points. I would eat this! 

Applegate Sunday Bacon: 2 slices for 2 pts

I really like this Applegate brand. No antibiotics, humanely raised, gluten & casein free, and no nitrates! 

Looking for some deli turkey? I found this Dietz & Watson Original Oven Roasted Turkey Breast and get this...3 slices for 0 points! Whohoo! Make a nice melt, wrap, roll it up and snack on it. 

Applegate Turkey Hot Dogs: 1 hot dog is 2 pts.

I love a good hot dog on the grill in the summer just like the next person but a regular beef hot dog is 6 points! I put them in the freezer till I'm ready to grill.  Find a nice whole wheat bun, diced onion, Dijon mustard. Yum-O.

Good Thins Crackers: 23 or 26 crackers for 4 pts depending on which you choose.

Need something crunchy to snack on? I found these Good Thins on sale this week.  I figured out how many just for 2 pts and counted them out into Ziploc baggies. Now I can grab and go for a crunchy snack. 

It's all about planning. I hope these suggestions help you plan out some meals!


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