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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Weekly Menu 6/9/19

Hi there! This is a picture of where I'd rather be...North Carolina, The Outer Banks! Instead I'm slaving away at work, taking care of my new house and planning a get together for next weekend.

It's summer time and I LOVE easy meals! Planning out the meals ahead of time really takes the pressure off to figure out what's for dinner that night. There's nothing worse than realizing at 6:30 pm that there is nothing defrosted or ready to go. That's when bad decisions take place.

It's 3 easy steps; write out a menu for 4 nights, go food shopping for what I need, put the menu on the fridge.

The night before I look to see what I have planned and take out what needs to be defrosted if needed.

A plan is born!

So here are some quick ideas for you (and a few of my favorites) if you want to plan out a few meals for the week...

If you try a recipe, please leave a review since your opinion is so important to me!

Have a great week, Christine

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